Understanding insurance can be frustrating and leave you feeling like you broke the bank.  At PHS we will verify your insurance benefits and go over them with you before we ever ship your products.  You have the right to know what is expected of you with each order.


Insurance can be confusing and frustrating when trying to understand "what's billed, what's paid by my insurance, what do I owe, why do I owe this?"

What's Billed is the amount that a provider must bill for a particular service as set forth by the Federal Government.

What's Paid By My Insurance is the allowed amount by the insurance plan for the service rendered by the provider based on a par (participating), non-par (non-participating) status between the provider and the insurance company.

What Do I Owe? This is the amount that may include but not be limited to: the providers participating status with your insurance plan (whether par or no-par); any un-met portion of your insurance which may also include: any un-met portion of your deductible, co-pay's, or co-insurance obligations for your plan choice; or whether the provider accepts assignment.

Why Do I Owe This? You may owe any or all based on your plan choice for insurance coverage because you have not satisfied those obligations first.

  • All insurance benefits are an ESTIMATE of your benefit plan and gives you the power to choose what provider is best for you and your financial needs.

  • At Professional Healing Solutions, we accept assignment from insurance companies which may mean less out of pocket expense for you.

Medicare Members your part B benefits may cover disposable wound care dressing supplies.  For a complete detail of that coverage contact a PHS representative today or you may also visit your Medicare web site at: www.medicare.gov or call Medicare at:


Medicaid Members, PHS will be happy to verify your benefits with your local State plan to see what your coverage may be or you may contact your local State office for coverage details.

Private or Individual Plan Members, PHS will be happy to verify your plan benefits and discuss what your plan coverage consists of for those dressing supplies under DME benefits or you may call your member services on the back of your card and discuss with your local plan.

Don't be left feeling like you broke the bank, call PHS today, (844) 414-0373 and let us verify your insurance benefits and start saving you time and money.